Black Bikini Styles

There are lots of different black bikini styles. Bikini tops like the Triangle Top, or Black Butterfly Top, even Black Bandeau Top as pictured in the header image are just a few popular bikini styles. Swimwear fashion has come a long way. Black is not just black anymore.

Popular black swimwear ranges from, Classic Shiny Lycra (many swimwear models wear these in catalogs). Black Wet Look fabric has been increasingly popular with the young crowd. Black wetlook bikinis are fun for dress up. Leggings are becoming popular with this black wet look as well. It is shiny when wet and very sexy.

Black bikinis are not JUST black, many times, a simple accent of black color can show off a bikini even more. Black trim with white bikini’s are very sexy and popular with a younger crowd. White bikinis are provocative when they are wet, and the black, outlines a body very nicely.